Puppiza LTD

Puppiza is always with you.

We are very glad to serve you very well and provide you the best service you deserve to reach your full satisfaction 100% .

For Any Futhur questions or any help please email us > contact@puppiza.com.

General FAQ

1Are we Legit?
Yes, Because we are totally 100% verified business company LTD located in UK (Registered Number in About Us Section).
2Why Us?
Because we be with you from the start to pick the best size and best suitable products for your pet until you got it with 100% fully satisfication.
3What are types of products?
We Serve all kind of Pets (Dogs in all sizes and Cats as well) plus some other Different Pets
4Do you send FREEGIFT?
YES, we made a very lovely Section for Free gifts we send real gifts and true one! with a tracking numbers to make our customers happy .
5Do you support tracking numbers?
Yes , We can provide you tracking number for your package to trace it perfectly.

Payment FAQ

1What types of Gateway payments you serve?
Stripe , Shop , PayPal ,Apple Pay and Google Pay....and more..
2Do you record card details or any data?
Absolutely not! , Because our website is fully encrypted and secured powered by legit payment gateways only.
3Do i have to make a payment to get a freegift?
Yes, as we are a verified company and everything under United kingdom authority and Taxes are paying as well.
4Is there any hidden Fees or extra charges ?
No , There are not any hidden payout will be made from your payment plus we provide you a full invoice details for the payment.
5How do i get the commission ?
you will easily get the commission after we provided you a special coupon code and if someone bought via your coupon code you will get a message from us and getting paid via same payment method you did or cash back points.

Service problems

1What if poor quality delivered?
If you got any damage package or missing in product we will directly make up for you and provide you best service to reach your satisfaction.
2My Order is late, what do i do?
Orders might be late due to custom clearance of some countries , and some shipping address might be very far from our warehouses that's why it may take sometime , but please message us and we will look for it
3Many instream accounts talk to me!How?
Please Be assure they are all our Agents and they are working so hard to reach you to offer you a great exclusive offers
4Is there Customer Service ?
Yes, and we are working 24/7 to make you happy and solve any issue with you.
5Can i get a freegift only?
Unfortunately , No you can't get Freegifts without making any Purchase with us because no verified company can do that because we are totally observed by government and authorities for Taxes and shipping.

Refund policy

1How do i get a refund?
you will get a refund by the same exact payment method , and if return and refund policies matched with you.
2How long it takes?
Between 10-30 days
3Cancelled order
we charge nothing for cancelled orders