Smart Automatic Anti Barking Dog Collar HD Digital Display IP67 Waterproof Collar For Dog Rechargeable Bark Stopper Stop Barking

Features: No remote control!

Principle of barking prevention

The collar is triggered by dog barking,a sound sensor built in the collar, featuresare triggered while the sound sensorreceive barking.
Turn On/Off the Collar

1. Long press the Power Button for 2 seconds to turn on the device, hearing a bi~ sound.

2. Long press the Power Button for 2 seconds again to turn Off, hearing Bi~bi~ sound.

3. Turn the device on, the device is Locked status, Long press the Lock Button for 2 seconds to unlock it.


Note :

If no operation in 5 seconds, the device will go in to Lock status automatically.

3 Training modes:

A. Sound

B. Sound+vibration

C. Sound+shock

The metal probes are already installed on the collar. There is a couple of silicone probe covers in the box, the silicone protective cover can be applied to the probes to protect the dog’s skin from shock or irritation. You could choose a long silicone cover or a short silicone cover according to the dog’s hair. If the dog’s hair is very long, just shave the dog’s neck.
Q: Why does the collar not work when the dog barks?
A: There may be three reasons for this problem. The first is that the trigger sensitivity is not high enough, so try to increase the trigger sensitivity. Second, the probe does not touch the skin, so try to adjust the belt tightness to ensure good skin contact. Third, the training level is not high enough, so try to increase the training level.
Q: is the bark control collar safe and humane?
A: All training methods will not cause any direct harm to the pet’s body, but make them feel extremely uncomfortable. But even so, do not overuse this product on pets. Please refer to all WARNING and CAUTION contents in the manual.
Q: Other dog barking sounds or other ambient noise can trigger the collar.
A: it is possible, but the probability is very low. we optimized the dog barking waveform recognition technology to enhance the ability to resist false triggers. If a false trigger occurs, please adjust the sensitivity setting appropriately.



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