• Personalized with Engraved name and phone: please leave the details in checkout notes Example : Maio-+1525748523
        Attention : please keep 2 fingers space when wearing, the buckle on dog collar is not breakaway, each collar is handmade , so there may be very slight changes in the colors and patterns depending on the cut of fabric .

      Collar Size:

      XS Width:13mm(0.5inch)Neck: 15cm-28cm (5.91″-11.42″)

      S Width:20mm (0.79 inch)  Neck: 20cm – 29cm(7.87 in  11.4 in)

      M Width:20mm (0.79 inch)Neck:27cm – 41cm (10.62 in -16.14 in)

      L Width: 25mm (0.98 inch)   Neck: 33cm – 52cm (12.99 in – 20.47 in)

      XL Width:25mm (0.98 inch)   Neck: 37cm – 60cm (14.56 in – 23.62 in)


      Leash Size:

      XS Width: 13mm(0.5inch)  Length: 120cm (47.25 in)

      S Width: 20mm (0.79 inch)  Length: 120cm (47.25 in)

      M Width: 20mm (0.79 inch)  Length: 120cm (47.25 in)

      L Width: 25mm (0.98 inch)  Length: 150cm (59.06 in)

      XL Width: 25mm (0.98 inch) Length: 150cm (59.06 in)


      Bow tie Size:

      7.5x 5Cm(Fit for size XS dog collar)

      10*6cm(Fit for size S and M dog collar)

      11.5*6cm(Fit for size L and XL dog collar)



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