Collar size: big dog: 1*70cm puppy, cat: 1*38cm

Iron box size: height 3.8cm * diameter 12cm

Product weight: big dog: 40g puppy: 13g and 13g cat.

Carton Weight: Large Dog: 122g Puppy, Cat: 95g

Bag Weight: Large Dog Bag: 41.5g Puppy, Cat: 15g

Use your dog’s weight to determine which size is right for them.
Small: Dogs up to 18 lbs. Fits neck size 4-11.75 inches
Large: Dogs over 18 lbs. Fits Neck Size 10-23 Inch
The Large Dog Collar is designed with no upper weight limit.

How does it work?

The active ingredients are stored in the collar’s unique polymer matrix and released in low concentrations throughout your dog’s coat and skin for 8 months. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact, and you don’t have to bite your dog to die.


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